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How to Be a Successful Salesperson

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Let’s face it, being in sales is not the most glorious job to have. It takes a special person to be able to handle people while depending on commission to make a living. You have to have thick skin, not to mention constantly be thinking on your feet. There is no perfect equation to success in sales, but a mixture of many different things. Here are a couple tips to be your best salesperson:

Learn from your colleagues - If you’re new to the sales game or the industry, feel free to watch how others work! Find out who the top sales guy is and take notes on what works. Listen to other people's work and retain information they put out. Of course what works for them might not work for you. That’s when you should put your own twist to it, find what works for you and stick with it.

Be honest with the customer - Most sales people just say what they can, desperate to get a sale. Don’t be that guy. Your job is to help customers, not point them in the wrong direction. Know your product, point out ways the customer can benefit from it. Remember your goal is to have a long-term relationship with every customer. If you were there for them in the beginning they will always come back to you and refer you to others.

Accept rejection - You will be rejected on a daily basis. Don’t let it resonate. Learn from these experiences. Ask yourself why it didn’t work, was it you or was it something out of your hands? Also, you don’t have to cut off the customer entirely. Accept that it’s not something they’re comfortable doing at the moment and reach out to them at a later date.

Follow up always - Follow up with your clients for the right reasons. For example, if you sent them a proposal, follow up to see if they got it and if they have any questions. You don’t want to seem pushy like a sales person forcing them to make a rash decision. Give them your honest advice coming from a professional who genuinely cares about the success of their business.

Be original, be yourself - If you go off of a script, odds are people can tell right away if you are. Personalize the way you talk on the phone. Practice your people skills so you can be flexible on every call. People will be more open to trust you if they know you’re speaking to them as a person instead of filling in blanks on a piece of paper.

If you’re already in sales, can you agree or add to these tips? How have these worked for you? Let us know!

(This blog was based off of HubSpot's "26 Habits of Incredibly Successful Salespeople")

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