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The Importance of Customer Service as a Broker

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

As a broker, relationships keep you alive. It’s the reason for your success. It’s what helps you thrive in the industry. Just like any business, word of mouth is the best marketing tool. The way you treat a client will be how you are spoken about after the transaction. You could go the cold-hearted, emotionless, black and white route. OR you can have a relationship with your client and exceed their expectations.

We are in situations daily where a client can’t get what they need. It might be they don’t meet a certain requirement. We don’t just say that’s too bad and move on. We do all we can to at least try every option possible. With the industry being the way it is today, you need to keep a mindset of “what makes me different?” Ask yourself what makes people want to work with you when they have all these other options. To be successful you need to be genuine. When people see that you truly want to help them, you’ll have a customer for life.

Honesty is Key

Customer Service in this industry is all about being honest, efficient, and valuable to the business owner. Business owners don’t have time to talk to undesirables so you better be efficient. Be honest with them about every obstacle or update during the financing process. Give them advice on how to prepare for upcoming purchases, expansions, financial budgeting, and even business credit benefits such as tax write offs.

Cater to the Company's Needs

Truly try to cater the financing towards the company’s needs depending on their current situation. Get a plan in place that makes sense to attain that client’s goals and if something does not make sense or it simply isn’t the right time frame, don’t waste any time and re-visit that file at a later date. If you cannot get a buyer approved give them strong reasoning why they are unapprovable with advice on how to get approved next time. Explain the best route they should take to better prepare for financing next time around and schedule a later date when you can work together again for approval options.

"I have vendors who send me files all the time and will ask me to find any possible options available for their buyers. I will tell both the vendor and buyer upfront if I cannot get them approved with a good reason why and will then tell them afterwards my best advice whether they should obtain a personal loan to build personal credit, build up their revenues further, or get more time in business under their belt to help them better qualify next time.” - Brett Horton, Finance Manager

Leave an Impact

Clients will take that advice into account and be better prepared next time they need financing. They will also remember the rep who gave them that guidance and be more willing to work with them again next time. There’s no better feeling then taking a business owner who was unapprovable before and being able to get them approved

later on to help them flourish for the long-term.

Anyone can do any job. It’s the way you do that job that determines the impact you make. As you can see, you can choose the way you work with a client. Customer service is vital in the finance industry. In the end it's about whether they enjoyed working with you or not. So ask yourself.. what makes you different?

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