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Working Capital

Everlasting Capital believes that all small and medium-sized businesses deserve the right to capital. Whether you run a growing startup company or you’re a veteran business-owner faced with an unexpected opportunity, flexible access to short-term funding is essential to your success.

Small business working capital loans are perfect for healthy businesses with steady revenue. Our working capital provides speed, simplicity, and versatility to meet the funding needs of any small business.


The difference is in our automatic daily payments. Instead of having to cut checks, figure out payments, and get unwelcome surprises in the mail, money is deducted from your business’s bank account in the same amount at the same time, every day. It’s short-term financing without the usual stress and hassle.


For business owners looking for manageable, funding amounts and shorter repayment terms of  6-24 months, Working Capital Loans through Everlasting Capital are ideal. Let’s get started.

Do I Qualify?

  1. We offer access to working capital, not startup capital, which means you’ll need to have been in business for three months or more.

  2. Your bank statements must show deposits that are at least $6,000/month.

  3. If you do not think you qualify right now, give us a call (888) 777 8144 and one of our finance managers will be happy to talk to you about all of our products. One of them may fit your needs right now.

Finance Manager

Your Finance Manager will walk you through the process and explain any details—like what you might need to finalize your funding. Speaking of which…
Just so you can have everything ready, we’ll need the following in order to finalize your advance or loan:

  • ​3 months business bank statements

  • Unexpired government-issued picture ID of all owners

  • Voided Check from underwritten business bank account

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