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How to Self-Generate Leads

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

A good money-saver is being able to obtain your own leads organically. This means that almost every customer that came for your business, were from sources that aren’t paid. This can be anything from referrals, reviews, your website, emails, you name it. So what’s the secret to getting leads organically? Simple. Patience, brains, and persistence. In order to get a lead you have to be smart and play things out in a way that works for you.

Make a list of ideas

“When it comes to self-generating leads I recommend creating a list of ideas first. Thinking of industries, goals, and objectives you can target. For example I like to work with vendors cause I know what their struggles are when trying to get buyers approved. I’ll reach out to construction, transportation, medical, audio/visual, and farm equipment vendors to see what financing requests they receive from buyers on a daily basis and try to help them boost sales by offering our financing.” - Brett Horton, Finance Manager

Here Brett states how he focuses on contacting vendors specifically. This is smart on his behalf because vendors do similar work and when they have trouble getting people approved, it becomes a need that Brett can fill with his services and resources. Hence becoming a fruitful partnership for both parties.

Consider each industry’s need for finance options

Before reaching out to a company, it’s important to think about how your services can help their business. We offer business financing so we need to think how would Company A benefit from our services? Look for places where financing is needed within the industry you’re approaching and you’ll increase your chances to get a lead. A construction company won’t have the same needs as a software company.

Think ahead to save time

Just like in the abbreviation B.A.N.T. (N stands for Need), your goal is to ultimately find a company’s weak point and figure out how you play a part in the solution. A self-generated lead is more effective than any other lead because you’ve already pre-qualified the lead to be a good fit for your product. You didn’t waste any time pursuing the lead which is a win-win.

Implement these strategies the next time you prospect for leads and you'll get better results that are worth your time!

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