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Equipment Restrictions You Need to Know Before Applying

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

We have financed a lot of equipment over the years. In fact, it’s how we started our business in the first place. Depending on the lender, your equipment might be in the ballpark of what they’re looking for or it won’t be. A lot of clients have substantial credit and the only thing holding them back is the equipment they choose. If you’re trying to finance any of these things you will get immediately declined.

Restricted equipment - equipment we can't finance:

  • Holistic/Alternative Medical Therapy Equipment

  • Gambling/Gaming Machines

  • Gas Pumps

  • Invasive Medical Equipment

  • ATM Machines

  • Cannabis Related/Paraphernalia

  • Guns and Ammunition

  • Adult Entertainment

Industry & State - Some equipment is possible to finance, they just have very strict requirements due to the industry and/or state the business is in. Industries such as:

  • Long haul trucking - factors like time in business and a lack of fleet can make trucking a difficult industry to fund.

  • Restaurants - a restaurant needs at least 2 years time in business due to such high turnover within the industry.

  • California - it’s tough to finance anything in California due to a California Lender’s License that is required with many of our lending partners.

Despite all the restrictions, there are a lot of pieces of equipment that are financed on a daily basis. Our job is to make sure our clients are educated on what we're looking for to make the process as smooth as possible. I hope this has been informal and will help you avoid any issues when seeking equipment financing as well as sharing your knowledge with others who are also looking to finance equipment themselves.

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