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Benefits of Working With a Small Company

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Often times when making a phone call to a large well-known company, we are greeted by an automated message asking us a series of questions to get us to someone who can help. Then we are put on hold with a dial tone or perhaps a catchy tune. If we’re lucky enough we might be given a wait time which, if it’s a really bad time, might take hours. It’s an excruciating process that makes calling a blatant chore.

Immediate Attention

With a small business, you will never experience that heinous process. As a customer, you shouldn’t have to wait. When a call comes in it is immediately redirected to one of our available finance managers. That’s the difference between a large corporate company versus a small local business. Often times when a business does well and grows substantially, the company’s foundation gets lost. It is then replaced by power and greed, eventually it gets lost altogether. Whatever the reason, companies should not forget that customers are the source of their success. With that being said, smaller companies will continue to appreciate and treat every customer as if they were their first. We know what it’s like to struggle, our business offers service to help businesses who are struggling. What could be a better recipe?

Personal Relationships

When you do business with a bank, or even purchase a car, the relationship ends after the transaction. Half the time businesses don’t care whether you can afford something or not! Working with a smaller company, you get that personal interaction you can’t get with a corporate company. From that first interaction, we listen. Listening is so important. We listen for your wants, your needs, your current situation. Why? Because we care and helping businesses is what we strive to do. Questions during your funding process? Our finance managers are always available, even after office hours. That’s how much they care about their clients. And it doesn’t end there. After you get your funding, we continue to follow up. How are things working out for you? Is there any way we can help?

Reading this you might think it’s surreal, but it’s a part of what we do every day. It is what we built our business upon and continue to do with each passing day.

Who would you rather to work with?

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