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Be Careful Who You Do Business With

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

In this day in age there are multiple scams, bots, people who say they are someone they’re not.

People don’t even look like themselves online as they do in person anymore…

When it comes to money you have to especially be careful. Remember those emails saying your family members were stuck in another country and needed you to send them money to get them home? First of all how can anyone do that to a person, second of all money is scarce this day in age! We can’t afford to get scammed. If there’s anything we know about money is that we can’t get it back.

Back in April, Josh had been receiving phone calls from the same person claiming to be working with Chase bank. Josh asked for clarification and this person, Steve, changed his statement to:

“I don’t work for Chase, but I work with Chase.”

Fishy right? This is where things get interesting. To catch him in the act, Josh used an employee’s cell phone and called Steve back. Steve proceeded to retaliate and constantly repeat the phrase “ I never said I was with Chase bank.” Interesting since he said he was with Chase bank every time he called in. Eventually Steve got irritated with the allegations and finally said, “do me a favor and take me off your list.”

Unfortunately, this is how brokers in our industry are speaking to clients. They’re twisting their words, using whatever they can to earn a customer’s trust. Steve wasn't working with Chase bank at all, he just said that because they are a well-known and trusted bank. Don’t fall into the hands of a hungry broker who will do anything to get their share of your money. Before you do business with anyone, do some research. Look up reviews (reviews don’t lie). Most importantly, FOLLOW YOUR GUT. If something doesn’t feel right when you speak with someone, do not move forward. Make sure you are making the right decision.

Check out our video with Josh's live call with Steve! Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? Have you caught someone pretending to be someone else? Leave a comment and let us know!

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