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The Benefits of Financing:


Low Daily Payments - Maintain cash flow with micro payments drafted daily from your business bank 


✓  Flexible Payment Terms - Options from 3 to 12 months.

Loan Amounts – Amounts from $5000 to $1 Million, dependent on the cash flow of your business. Typically, 1 to 2 times your average Monthly Gross Revenue.

100% Tax Deductible – The IRS allows for the entire loan amount + interest to be fully deducted 
as an expense for the business.


Cash Flow - Earn as you pay to maintain cash flow without going completely out of pocket.

Bank Credit Lines – Credit lines with your bank remain open for any other needs your business may 


Wide Credit Parameters - There are multiple programs available for financing different credit 
grades, even if you have a lower credit score.


Personal Credit – Banks will file a blanket lien against all of your assets, both business and 
personal, to secure your loan or line of credit. When you finance with Everlasting Capital, only the contract itself is secured and the transaction is not exposed on your personal credit report.


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