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When to Say "No" to a Customer

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Saying no to anyone is a difficult task. Just like in life, you want to please those around you. You want to be liked, loved, you want everyone around you to be happy. One word that happens to be the most difficult word to pronounce in the English language is ‘no.’ Saying no can be one of the most difficult things to do for some people. But sometimes you just have to.

If there’s anything we can’t get back, it’s time. In our industry, when we get a client that has unrealistic expectations, it’s best to tell them the truth right off the bat. There’s no point in wasting time and resources. With our knowledge and experience, we know what lenders are looking for and whether we can get something done. If a client comes to you and tells you what they want and in your mind you know it’s not possible, say no! Give them reasons as to why it won’t work instead of leaving them in the dust. Also explain that at this moment it’s not possible, but sometime in the future it will be possible.

Use every opportunity and create a relationship with the client. By being honest and explaining the reasoning behind why their request can’t be fulfilled, you build trust with the client. Steer them in the right direction for both their benefit and yours. Then they will know what to do from then on to improve the chances of them getting approved.

Always make every interaction a positive learning experience for the client. You may not have been able to help them get what they want, but you provided a plan for them to get there. Sometimes that’s all a person needs; direction. They will thank you for leaving them with information they didn’t have prior to reaching out. You will also leave with the feeling of knowing you’ve done your job and helped someone in need.

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